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Resume blunders

Category: Resume Writing


Different people have different resume writing concepts of which some may be wrong .Listed below are resume blunders you should avoid.

  • The word ‘Curriculum Vitae’
    Typing curriculum vitae as the title of your resume is wrong. The employer knows that it is resume already, so why remind him.
  • Listing three, four or more juicy references (unless required).
    This is like putting the cart before the horse. Your top purpose is to get an interview. If the Organization is interested, you will supply a list of references. Wait till the employer/representative asks for references. Then match each reference with the employer’s reference specifications. Include title and your relationship with each reference.
  • Misunderstanding what a resume is.
    A resume is simply a marketing document disguised as a resume. Do not hesitate to display your skills and sell yourself in your resume. Do not undersell your background, experience, skills and abilities. Emphasize results in statements of accomplishment that relate to the job requirements. More results the better.
  • Providing insufficient contact information.
    Companies contact applicants in several ways. The two major are through phone and electronic mail. The company possesses the sole right to decide which means to use .Therefore, endeavour to put a valid email address and phone number. Also, in this “world of internet “it may be considered a minus not having an email address. Imagine someone applying for an Information Technology job and there is no email address on your CV. Does it tell well of you?
  • Using weird, unofficial or artistic fonts
    Picture a recruiter opening your resume and sees a ‘Christmas card’ instead of a resume. Using fonts that are artistic and casual makes your resume look like a ‘greeting card’ and sound very unserious. Fonts like Lucida, stencil, system, etc can make a caricature of your resume. Use font styles like Arial, Verdana, MS Reference, san serif, etc.
  • Poor Resume Format
    A recruiter going through your resume tries to paint a picture of who are you. A disorganized resume portrays a disorganized person. A resume that is poorly aligned is likely to be dumped. A resume with education /work history not properly arranged in either ascending or descending order (though it is highly advised to have your latest qualification or job experience first) is likely to be dumped. A resume that has your hobbies before your job objective may be dumped.
  • Lies
    Inasmuch as your resume is a strong marketing tool, saying that you are what you are not is a serious blunder. Be sincere in your work and education history. Some firms go extra miles to confirm your claims, so do not add fictitious /forged work and education history.
  • Another unpardonable lie is your age.
    I was going through a couple of resumes and one blunder that kept repeating itself is age. For example: A candidate with date of birth 19th July, 1983 finished high school (secondary school) in 1990. This is highly unbelievable.


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