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Deadly Sins of New Employee

Category: Career Development


You deserve a good pat on the back for landing a new job! If you think that was the hard part, well better think again. Remember that you are the new employee in the company so your first few weeks on the job are important. This is a make or break kind of scenario for you since this is your future you are working on. So how do you take on your new environment? For starters, you must know how to behave appropriately in your working place - professionally and personally as well. You must avoid these nine mistakes if you want your future to be secured.

1. Disregarding the office way of life: This is actuality getting into the culture of the working environment. Since you are new, try to be observant about everything that goes in the work place. Observe how your co-workers dress up- are they into the casual shirts and jeans, semi- formal or otherwise? Do they wear dress shoes or sneakers? How do they communicate about work - thru emails, phones or person to person talks? You should not ignore how things are done in the office; instead try to fit into the situation. It may help if you come in at least thirty minutes before the official time of work and stay behind a bit later than the ending of office hours. Then you can have a pretty good idea and you can easily observe their manners and behavior.

2. Arrogance: As a newly hired employee don't show any untoward arrogance. Don't be misled by the notion that you were hired because you have all the answers to make the company succeed. Remember to be patient and instead try to first observe, listen and learn. You must study how things are done in the office and if you fully understand the working process, then you can make your move, but do so in a professional manner.

3. Shyness and Timidity: This is the opposite of arrogance and you should avoid this as well. You must try to overcome your shyness and try to make friends with your office mates. Try to initiate casual conversations and try to learn from these talks as well. This is also a good way to learn about office ways and this would help you establish more friendly ties with them.

4. Not clarifying what is expected from you: As a new employee you must know what is expected from you. If you are unclear about the exact work that you should do, better meet with your boss and clear out your responsibilities and how the results would affect your future. Try to discuss the priorities and how you are supposed to do updates. You may also discuss how your performance would be determined by your boss so you would know if you are doing things right.

5. Refusing to admit mistakes: As a newly hired you may make mistakes along the way. That is normal, everybody makes mistakes, and even your superiors did when they were new like you. If you do make mistakes, don't refuse to own up to them. It is better to admit the mistake, try to learn from it, try to fix it and then move on.

6. Rocking the boat: Don't rock the boat, so to speak without first learning and understanding how and why things are done in the office. Try to really observe and learn first about procedures and methods before making your recommendations. Try to keep on open mind when you propose implementations or changes, and remember to have good reasons why you are making those changes.

7. Not asking for feedback: You don't really have to wait for the six months trial period of your job. Why not take the initiative to request your boss for a short meeting after a month you have been on the job? This is a good way to inform your boss what you are doing, the results you have made and how you were able to fix some obstacles along the way. Try to discuss these things and your boss would surely have some positive inputs about your work.

8. Hitching Their Wagon to the Wrong Star: Nothing can get a new employee into trouble quicker than listening to the wrong person. The problem is: how does someone learn who the right person is? The easiest way to learn is through observation. Instead of letting the company gossip fill their head with words about who they can or can’t trust, new employees should sit back and wait to see who the rising stars are. Look for the go-to person that other employees – such as the manager – seek out. Then follow their lead.

9. Lacking integrity: Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A little integrity is better than any career.” And it looks like you’d be hard pressed to succeed in your career without it. A lack of integrity is a character flaw that quickly becomes an employability issue when a boss recognizes that a new employee isn’t trustworthy. There’s no need to employ individuals if their honesty and ethics are questionable. In the words of Alan Simpson: “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”

You have to remember that you are new to the workplace. You are the new guy and nobody knows anything about you on your first day. It is not easy and you just have to always be on the alert of how you are going to make it through. Avoiding these nine mistakes is a good start. Try to focus on your goal of doing good and being successful in what you do. Try to make a good impression and be sure to make it a lasting one.


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