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Identify and avoid these decision making traps.

Category: Career Development


People spend more time researching mobile phones and electronics they want purchase than the degree/course to take up. Many are faced with choice challenges (especially when taking decisions that have to do with career). Some of the choice challenges are listed below:
Follow the crowd
The tendency to do what everyone else seems to be doing. Example: All my friends are majoring in medicine, so I will too.

Attachment to travails
Attaching great importance to something that may have little or no bearing on your interest, because people around you are saying it or wants you to do it .Example My parents have always wanted me to be a lawyer.

Lack of decision(s)/Decision overload
Being overwhelmed with choices that you cannot decide or you decide not to decide. Example: I do not know what I want to do, so I will just keep my options open.

Biased judgment

We like people saying thing we like to hear. Therefore we have a tendency to seek information that confirms your existing knowledge. Example: Talking to friends and family members who say that taking a career in medicine sounds great instead of asking Doctors who might suggest otherwise.

Overestimating your abilities, skills or knowledge can be a serious flaw. Going for a course not considering your ability is a sign overconfidence. -Information cascade. Being influenced by repeated exposure to certain information .Example: Information like you cannot get a job without being “connected” can lead to decisions like: let me just get the degree for degree sake.

Rule of Thumb (Assumption not based on facts)

People just make decisions based on assumptions and loose talks, not an what they really want to do .Example: I better not do arts, because one cannot get a job with that degree.

This means not wanting to do something else because you are already familiar with the previous one. That is resisting change in favor of the familiar. This can impair your decision making. I do not really like my current internship, but at least I know what to expect from it.

Focusing on sunk cost
Overemphasizing the money, time and psychological energy or other resources you have invested in pursuing a wrong career. Example:”I cannot throw away my #260,000 Executive MBA and become a Nurse. If you are making any of these miscalculations, work on identifying and asking better question about your future career. Also take time to gather information and resources from a variety of sources about your future career.


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