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Job Title or Company Name
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Imisi Partners is an Africa focused business development company (BDC) with offices in Istanbul and Lagos. Our firm is essentially a hybrid between a traditional investment company and an operating company.   We make investments in private, or in some cases public companies, typically with lower trading volumes, with an investment objective of providing for the possibility of capital appreciation and current income. We hope our stakes in the businesses will increase in value as the business grows. We also loan money to small enterprises and offer consulting for a fee. Our firm is essentially a hybrid between a traditional investment company and an operating company. We represent a transparent portfolio of loans, similar in some sense to private equity or venture capital.

Job Detail

Location: Lagos
Experience: 2year(s)
Course of Study: Marketing
Required Grade: Any



The Marketing Specialist is tasked with a broad variety of outbound related marketing activities and operates within a deadline driven environment.          The successful candidate must maintain the corporate style guide across all mediums including print, electronic, and online. The successful candidate will have graphic design education or experience. In this role the candidate will be expected to manage creative projects and events from concept to completion with guidance from the Marketing Manager.   


  Marketing Specialist Job Duties:


    Researches and analyses a variety of marketing information, including market trends, pricing schedules, competitor offerings, product specifications, and demographic data

    Presents findings to marketing teams to help guide the direction and activities of the department

    Develops new marketing strategies and campaigns based on detailed analysis of market forces

    Works with creative teams to come up with branding ideas, advertising copy, graphic designs, and promotional materials

    Identifies the appropriate media channels where each product or service's marketing materials can be delivered to the public

    Enforces brand marketing guidelines throughout each product to create a cohesive feel to each campaign

    Provides expert direction and insight to marketing staff members throughout each project or campaign

    Acts as a go-to resource for up-to-date, accurate research and market information

    Tracks marketing strategy results closely and creates detailed reports with data analysis and other feedback

    Adjusts marketing plans as needed in response to data tracking efforts

    Reports findings and results to upper management and executives


Marketing Specialist Skills and Qualifications:


Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Media or Communications. 2-5 years’ experience in a Related Field. 


Creative, Innovative, Independent, Self-Starter, Adaptability, Knowledge of Media Channels and Marketing Strategy, Client Relationships, Research, Critical Thinking, Analysis, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Public Speaking, Writing, Interpersonal Communication, Attention to Detail, Organisation and a multi-Tasker


Telecommunications and media experience helpful.


Method of Application


Applicants should send CVs to


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