Job Title or Company Name
State, city
Job Title or Company Name
State, city
Zola Electric is the world’s first massively scalable off-grid electric company. It exists to provide affordable and reliable energy to communities that currently lack such power. The company utilizes distributed renewable energy to sell power as a service to customers who suffer from an expensive grid, an unreliable grid, or have no electrical grid access at all. We provide 24/7 clean energy to anyone, anywhere. Our aim is to deliver a complete technical, operational and financial model that makes incredibly high quality renewable electrical services affordable to millions of homes.

Job Detail

Location: Lagos
Experience: 1year(s)
Course of Study: Business Administration
Required Grade: Any



    Bachelor's degree in relevant fields such as Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Transportation, Business Administration, Marketing, Procurement, IT, Accounting and Finance with a record of strong academic performance

    1+ years of managerial experience in logistics, the supply chain or a related field

    (Preferred domains: renewable energy, telecom, or FMCG)

    Fluent in both English and Swahili

    Strong communication and interpersonal skills, able to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical stuff.

    Commits to premium standards in everything. Uses quality measures & problem-solving to improve process. Ensures compliance with relevant standards & procedures.

    Excellent team player, thoughtful, unafraid to express an opinion

    Willingness to work flexibly, including late nights, weekends, and holidays

    Ambition to grow professionally and contribute to the development of the company

    Desire to coach, grow and mentor others