Job Title or Company Name
State, city
Job Title or Company Name
State, city
Lekki TV is an online entertainment platform that seeks to educate and engage audience by creating awareness of events and other social activities. It is also an informative forum that provides in-depth information about issues and stories that matter not only in the country but worldwide.

Job Detail

Location: Lagos
Course of Study: Fine Arts
Required Grade: Any


Job Description (Tasks and Responsibilities)

    Have knowledge of film-specific photography equipment and techniques, such as film cameras on dollies, hand-held cameras, drones, the Steadicam and blue screen. This includes both set-up and operation.
    Work alongside directors to give films, TV shows, music videos and television commercials their own unique aesthetic style.
    Responsible for managing camera crews and lighting crews, oversee the selection and manipulation of technical equipment to create striking images on screen.
    Drive the visual impact of a film by creative choices about the use of different lenses, filters, lighting techniques and camera movements to create dramatic effect and prompt different emotional responses from the audience.
    Responsible for making decisions about aspect ratio, digital effects, image contrast, and frame rates.
    Planning the technical execution of each shot
    Double as the editor to make sure the color grading of the film or TV show is spot on.

Candidate Requirements (Skills and Experience)

    B.Sc/B.A/Diploma in Cinematography, Video directing, Fine Art, Design or relevant field;
    Proven experience as a cinematography or in a similar creative role
    Hands-on experience in the creative process, digital camera, graphic design and brand development
    Excellent working knowledge of software such as adobe pro, video making, Photoshop, InDesign, and After effects etc.
    Exemplary interpersonal and analytical abilities
    Ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently
    Self-motivated and self-directed
    Good communication skills

Method of Application

Applicants should send their CV to:


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