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Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide medical care for the most vulnerable populations, the world over, including France. It seeks to stimulate voluntary commitment from doctors, other health care providers, and from those whose expertise in other fields is needed for its activities, to enlist all competent support required for the achievement of its projects, and to seek at all times to encourage close working relationships with populations in its care. MdM operating in Nigeria, Borno state since October 2016.
Deputy Base Logistician

Location: Borno
Experience: 2 year(s)
Course of Study: Business Administration
Required Grade: Any

Supervisor: Base Logistician


Post to be filled: Asap


Duration of the position required:


Mission Country: MDM Nigeria


Post location: Maiduguri


(with travel to  various field locations)


 Hierarchical & Functional link


The Maiduguri Deputy base logistician (DBL) works under the responsibility of the Base Logistician.


He support the base logistician for all support need it in the base (office and guest) function including:


    Drivers and Guard supervision,

    Fleet management


    Equipment and stocks management,

    Project team support,

    Field activity visit,


    Team management.


III. Tasks and Responsibilities


     Objective 1:  Responsible for supervising the logistic support in collaboration with the Base Log.

    Ensure the efficient management of resources (fleet, IT, utilities)

    Ensure the good weekly vehicle planning

    In collaboration with the drivers and car hire vehicle ensure on time repair & maintenance of fleet vehicle. When vehicle moving for the maintenance and repair, he must remove the MDM stickers and put it back when the vehicles back at office

    ensure on time repair & maintenance of Generator

    Monitor the purchase of fuel for vehicles and generator;

    Anticipate the vehicle needs for base in relation with project & office activities

    Ensure the rehabilitation of premises, clinic & regular check.

    Ensure the participation of logistics in selection of premises for projects & offices

    Ensure that communication means are available for professional work (internet, telephone etc.)

    In collaboration with the log base, conduct the logistics assessments in the field whenever required, and provide the support to team in the field.

    When the Log base is away from the base, He will manage the weekly cash box (petty cash), for the small payment, in this case He must follow up strictly  finance MDM procedure;


Objective 2: Equipment management and ITC


     In collaboration with the base logistician anticipation for the need of equipment for the base

    Ensure the good usage and maintenance of A MDM equipment, (cleaning, security, protection; maintenance)… each extra equipment must be in secure metallic locked metallic shelve locked, inventory doc must be stick inside the door of the shelves.

    Ensure the tracking of equipment (Physical inventories at least once each 3 months, ensure that all equipment are labelled, if not he must refer it to the log base.

    Update on monthly basis the asset equipment list;

    Ensure that each staff when he received an equipment as sign the reception of equipment and keep it update. (when staff give back is equipment at the end of his contract make sure after checking the equipment state the staff sign the return of equipment form;

    Ensure that each equipment has an ID card, if not must refer to his supervisor,

    In case of any breakdown of any equipment, ensure that the following document is submitted at the base log: Report of the breakdown from how and when it’s happen and who.

     With support of the log base, make sure proper utilization of IT equipment (each staff need to clean his laptop, not put it under water, shadow, dusty) etc.

    Be sure that each staff has cleaning materiel his computer (small brush, tissue, computer spray)

    Ensure   that the guard follow up the procedure of:  all H. set VHF are on charge every day after duty , and follow the procedure of: before putting on charge, empty fully the battery then start the  recharge,


Object 3 : Base Meeting and Report


    Participate  meetings   with   logistics base   staff or take meeting minutes for staff base meetings as required, in close collaboration with the log base

    Participate in logistics meetings and programs for the movement planning once a week,

    Participate with the Log base at the monthly SITREP, each mast week of the month

    Participate with the Log base at the Logistic monthly report each end of the month (vehicle and generator fuel and maintenance follow up, Asset equipment inventory, none asset inventory, purchase follow up) etc.

    Field visit report should be done in case of any clinic visit, and send it to the base Log


Objective 5: Team management


     In collaboration with the log base, adaptation of team according to the workload (including daily labour & temporary recruitments)

    Provide technical support to team on logistics’ issues

    Participate in the recruitment with the Log base.

    Conduct the appraisal interview  for drivers and guard

    Participate in disciplinary actions

     In collaboration with the log base, identify the training needs conduct/ arrange the training for them

    Make sure HR rules / guidelines followed in management of team.


Objective 4: Security and context follow up


    Inform the Log base on any evolution of the local context;

    Report to the log base in case of security incident;

    Implementation of emergency measures, if required, under the supervision of the Log base.

    The Logistic Officer agrees to complete tasks other than mentioned in this job description if instructed by


IV. Profile of the ideal candidate

Education (Essential)


Bachelor Degree

Professional Experience


2 Years


Skills Required


    (Computer, Report Writing, fleet management, staff management

    Microsoft Word & Excel

    Report Writing



    Additional Skills (preferred if any)

    Ability to work in low resource field environments.


Language Skills


    (English, etc)

    English (Speaking, Reading, Writing)

    Kanuri, Hausa (Speaking)


Personal Skills

(Ability to work under tight deadlines, team-work, negotiation skills…


Other requirement if any


    Flexible working hours

    Reporting deadlines

    Operate in low resource environments

    Able to conduct field travel


Method of Application


To apply:


Send CV + cover letter, by email to:


Ensure to place “Deputy Base Logistician” in the subject line


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


We’ll pay attention only to the complete files in English


Our process of selection include some written tests and oral interviews


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