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INTERSOS is an independent humanitarian organization that assists the victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts and exclusion. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, respect for diversity and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable people.
Field Logistics Officer

Location: borno
Experience: 1 year(s)
Course of Study: business administration
Required Grade: any

Overview of the Role

The field logistics officer reports hierarchically to the designated Head of the field office and technically to Logistics Coordinator based in the Maiduguri office. He works with the Projects Managers, their teams,

oversees the drivers, the security staff and the cleaners and cooks (where applicable). He assures an efficient logistics support to INTERSOS’ field office projects and manages procurement, warehousing,

fleet, facilities, IT, security and assets.


3. Main Responsibilities and tasks

a. Procurement:


    Contributes to the assessment of the local purchasing environment (through new local market analysis, information gathered from previous purchases, program teams, other NGOs etc.);

    Contributes to the process of prequalifying the local suppliers and building up data base and prices lists to be updated every quarter;

    Actively collaborates with the Project Managers (PMs) to timely initiate the Purchase Requests (PRs) from INTERSOS’ online management platform and follow up the progress with the Maiduguri office logistics and admin teams;

    Contributes to the preparation and signature of contracts with the prequalified suppliers where applicable;

    Takes a general record of all completed Procurement dossiers;

    Actively supports the Project Managers to initiate the PRs and place orders to the prequalified local suppliers following their Procurement Plans and in coordination with the Head of field

    Office and the Logistics Coordinator;

    Undertakes upon approval the procurement.

    Checks the quality and the right quantities of the materials and of the packaging delivered to the INTERSOS’ warehouse from the prequalified suppliers;

    Strictly adheres to the administrative procedures for the management of advances and payment of suppliers;

    Upon recruitment, be acquainted with the INTERSOS’ Procurement Manual 2017.

    b. Warehouse management:

    In coordination with the warehouse teams (either INTERSOS’ owned or common warehouse); in coordination with the Project Managers and the head of field office,

    Assure the adherence to the Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs) for management of the warehouse and that standard systems are properly maintained in the warehouses;

    Carry out regular physical random warehouse checks of commodities and inventory;

    Assure that goods receiving and issuing activities are carried out with proper approved documentation that are correctly filled in the warehouse.

    Prepare all procedures and necessary steps for commodity disposal;

    Assure proper storage of food and non-food commodities

    Assure that stock cards are created for each type of commodity

    Assure that inventories are undertaken on quarterly basis with the stock owner, the head of field office or an admin staff.

    Share inventory report with stock owners’ and logistics coordinator.


c. Fleet management:


    Assures the Standard Operative Procedure (SOPs) about Fleet management is adhered to.

    Assists the PMS in the distributions with the logistics aspects of transport operations and workforce

    Supervises the drivers’ conduct and train them when needed with support from the logistics coordinator.

    Assures that the fuel consumptions are monitored and reported for both vehicles (where applicable) and generators.

    Assures that the fleet (vehicles and generators) maintenance planning is in place and followed in coordination with the head of field office and the logistics coordinator.

    Engages with Maiduguri logistics to timely get the official clearances from the authorities for any road trips.

    Timely reports to the head of field office and to the logistics coordinator any issue related to the fleet performance.


d. Safety and security


    Assures that security guards’ shifts are correctly ensured in all INTERSOS’ premises.

    Assures that all written security recommendations by Maiduguri and Abuja teams are timely addressed (especially for safe rooms, hibernation kits and communication mean) by collecting

    adequate information from the right sources.

    Actively contributes to the field security contingency planning and implementation;


e. Facility management


    In coordination with the Project Managers, the head of field office and the logistics coordinator,

    Assures the managing and tracking equipment / assets inventory including mobiles and satellite phones, laptops, organise regular monthly equipment / assets counts, and in consultation with

    other functions, develop replacement plans and organise disposals;

    Assures to organize accommodation and facility services for workshops and training events;

    Produces and respects a maintenance plan of all services in the offices and guesthouses;

    Checks to ensure that each facility used by INTERSOS has an agreement and maintain proper records.

    Assures that for each facility that needs it, there is either a solar energy system or a generator well dimensioned and properly managed and maintained. In case of generator, ensure the monitoring

    of the fuel consumption. Ensure that cooking gas is available at any time.

    As to Water Hygiene and Sanitation, assures that each facility have a proper potable water supply system and proper grey waste water management.

    Assures that the facilities are well maintained, functional and clean.


f. ICT


    Receives and dispatches all ICT related equipment as per purchase plans.

    Collects centralize and send all faulty ICT related equipment to Maiduguri office.

    Supports field office members in basic IT troubleshooting;

    Assures that all INTEROSOS laptops uses licensed software and systems.

    Installs, maintains, and troubleshoots printers/copiers as well as manage toner requests.

    Installs, maintains, troubleshoots, and repairs cabled, wireless and other network infrastructure.

    Sets up and support audio/visual equipment for presentations and trainings on and off site.

    Installs and configures peripherals including scanners, external drives, monitors and other peripheral hardware.

    Tracks license and supports contracts to include notification of renewal timeframe to management.

    Monitors network to ensures network functionality and availability to all system users.


g. Other tasks:


    Organizes and follows up domestic flight travel requests, ensuring travel is organized in the most efficient way; and organize to collect passengers at the air field;

    Produces and submits field monthly logistics report to the head of field office and the logistics coordinator following the official report format no later than the last Friday of the month.

    Provides the logistics coordinator and head of field office with a weekly activity report and planned activities for next week every Friday by 3:00 pm.

    Visits all projects sites on regular basis to timely provide the required logistics support.

    Any other tasks not listed above to support and improve the delivery of the projects.


Qualifications and personal abilities


    University Degree in Business Administration, Logistics and Transport Management, Supply Chain management, IT, Mechanic, Civil engineering, Architect or other related fields.

    Minimum 1 year of relevant work experience in the fields of Logistics, Procurement, IT, Administration, Mechanical engineering or Civil works engineering.

    Knowledge of working processes (purchase orders, preparation of contracts for services and goods, tendering, etc.);

    Good capacity to cooperate with other departments;

    Flexibility and patience;

    Good communicator, able to work in English (verbal and written).

    Good experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, email systems etc.);

    Ability to work in a multicultural environment.


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