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15 Career Development Topics That Will Follow You through LifeCategory: Career Development
Recurring career themes you\'ll encounter when choosing a career, changing careers or building a career:Career development is a lifelong process that encompasses everything from choosing a career and selecting your work
Tips on Resume or CV Writing SkillsCategory: Resume Writing
A Focused CV is the Best Way to get your new Potential Boss to Notice You. Learn How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Write the Perfect CV or Resume on Your New Job is Just an Interview Away! Comple
Tips on How to Find Jobs in NigeriaCategory: Applying For Jobs
Browse all media for advertisements, i.e. newspapers, journals, internet, databases, websites. You can visit your local library to get FREE access to newspapers and the internet. Try to get hold of in-house co
How to Dress to Impress! Category: Interview
Make a professional impression Turn your cell phone off before entering the building. Give the interviewer a firm hand-shake. Don\'t mumble. Speak clearly and confidently. Sit up straight. Look the interviewer in the
Avoid Internet Job ScamsCategory: Applying For Jobs
With unemployment at its highest rate since the early 1980s, record numbers of people are desperately searching for work. The Internet is the medium most job seekers turn to today--as do con artists, who use the Internet
Beware of Hidden Interview PitfallsCategory: Interview
All the expert interview advice and all the practice in the world still might not prepare you for hidden traps that can trip you up and foil your job interview. Weak Handshake Science backs up what the etiquette bo
How to Create a Work Sample for a Job InterviewCategory: Interview
Bringing a work sample to a job interview can make the difference between a job seeker who talks about his skills and one who actually showcases them! Writing a professional resume is usually the first step in securin
3 Questions A CEO Wants To Hear After An InterviewCategory: Interview
3 Questions A CEO Wants To Hear After An Interview At the end of most job interviews, the hiring manager will turn the tables and ask, \"So, do you have any questions for me?\" Most candidates use this time to learn
Managing Stress at WorkCategory: stress management
Stress in this context the emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure either from work, environment, etc. it can also be seen as a feeling that is created when we react to particular events. Stre
Why Recruiters Don't Give Feedback Category: Applying For Jobs
The résumé Black Hole as many people like to describe the mildly horrible experience of having their résumé thrashed for lacking the requisite skills or professional appeal to fill a role is every job-seekers nightmare.N
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