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I am over qualified for a job. What can I do?

Category: Applying For Jobs

You lost your job due to economic recession. Afterwards you have sent out 500 resumes, done 1 interview and received zero offers. You are now eyeing an opening below your previous position, but you are obviously overqualified for the job. What do you do to actually get the job?

Try withholding your resume.
As much as possible, do not forward your resume.HR departments will quickly eliminate nearly all of the hundreds of resume submitted for a single opening and it is likely that yours will be dumped because you are over qualified.
In this scenario, go directly to the hiring manager and state your ability to excel in the position. You can call or write, but hold back your resume as much as possible in the first round of communication with the employer.

Sell to the employer’s needs
Once you have found out much as you can about the company and the position, you have got to imagine how your qualifications fit perfectly with the job requirements. At first, say nothing about higher-level skills that do not pertain to the position at hand. Ensure that you remain relevant to the job in question.

Sharpen the employer’s perception
In a scenario where you have to send your resume, de-emphasize those over –the-bar elements of your professional background. You can make some information sparse, but you have to be careful about misrepresenting yourself.
Note that omitting recent important jobs in your career ladder is unethical. Instead list them last and maybe use faint ink for them.

Turn your qualification to a virtue
Reassure the employer that your qualification and experience will be an asset to the firm.

Be careful about the question you ask
Employers have the following objections about over qualified candidates: you will get bored easily, you will not be satisfied with salary, and you will jump to another company as economy picks up or you get a better offer. If you raise any issue that has to do with pay or job satisfaction, you may be jeopardizing your chance of getting the job.

Be ready to answer the main question
Be ready to answer the question that employers may ask: Won’t it be humiliating for you to take a job that may be considered beneath you? You can answer this issue indirectly through the positive attitude you convey in everything you say about the position and your fitness for it. You have to be perceived as someone who believes in dignity in every job.