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Due to the competitive nature of the job market, you need to be “tech” in order to stand a chance. Check yourself on these basic points before going on that important interview.

Look sharp
Before the interview, select your outfit, Depending on the industry and position, get out your best kit and check them out for spots and wrinkles. A good outfit naturally boosts your confidence and people will feel same about you.
For example: If you are going for a corporate job, a good looking pants and jacket will be right. If you will be going to a construction site for your interview, a good looking jean pant, polo or a good shirt and a boot will be right.

Be on time
Never arrive late for an interview. Allow extra time to arrive early putting into consideration factors like traffic and getting lost.
Enter the building 10 to 15 minutes before the interview so you can relax and catch your breath.

Do your research
Researching the company before the interview and learning as much as possible about its services, products, customers and competitors will give you an edge in understanding and addressing the Company’s needs. The more you know about the Company, the better chance you have of selling yourself.

Be prepared
Bring along a folder containing extra copies of your resume, a copy of references and paper to take notes. You should also have question prepared to ask at the end of the interview.

Show enthusiasm
A firm handshake and plenty of eye contact demonstrate confidence. Speak in a confident voice ,even though you may feel otherwise .Do not be over–confident. Do not argue with your interviewers ,but make your point in a confident manner.

One of the most neglected interviewing skills is listening .Make sure you are not only listening, but also reading between lines for reactions. Sometimes what is unsaid is as important as what is said.

Answer questions asked
On no occasion should you answer question off point. Ask for further clarification if you are unsure of the question.

Give specific examples
One specific practical example is better than ten vague, non practical stories. Prepare your stories before the interview and add flavor to your stories to highlight your skill and uniqueness.

Ask Questions
Make sure you prepare question to ask. When given the opportunity, ask questions that will indicate your firm interest in the Company and job.

Be current
Current issues may be raised in an interview. Therefore, endeavor to keep abreast with happening (economic, political and otherwise) around you. For example, in year 2008, the main topic in air was “Economic Recession.” This became a popular interview topic that year.