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How to become a great marketer

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Marketing is a process of understanding consumers and
devising ways of providing goods or services based on the demands of the
consumers. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of corporate
strategy, the end result for which is efficient revenue generation for the
firm. The marketing process of an organization aims at getting out a message to
the segment that the company is targeting, regarding the product or service
that it is offering to these customers.

Good marketing is not all about spending money on
advertising, or offering free products as a promotional offer. There are many
critical steps involved in efficient marketing. First of them is to know the
target market, through a process called Market Research. By researching, the
firm identifies the demographics and requirements of the society, who might
become potential customers. The Firm has to apply the dynamics of Segmentation,
Positioning and Targeting, once the research has been performed. A good
marketing strategy cannot be developed by a firm without doing proper
groundwork on its potential customers.

Every business (small, medium or large) needs marketing. A
product or a service needs to be marketed to be sold. Marketers do the
marketing. But what if you don’t have marketing personnel? How can you generate
sales and achieve profitability? Actually, anyone can be a good marketer.
Whether if you are an owner, ordinary sales personnel, production personnel, or
just anyone in a business organization, you can be a good marketer that can
play a very important role in boosting your company’s sales and revenue. A
great marketing system can run without the need of high profile marketers or a
million dollar marketing budget. Likewise, a person can be a better marketer
without the need of a college degree in marketing, long years of marketing
experience and or a previous high marketing profile. We only need to understand
the following simple and basic ways to become an outstanding marketer.

1. Offer quality products or services: Marketing is not all about product promotion. It starts from
the production of products to be offered to consumers. Furthermore, marketing
does not end at the time you have sold a product to a consumer. It doesn’t
stops there. It continues until the customer is satisfied on the product he has
purchased or on the product he will buy in the future. Hence, the first thing
to do to become a great marketer is to produce and offer the best products to
your customers or render the best services to your clients. If you are a
marketer in a company who offers poorly manufactured product, then you better
tell them to produce more quality products. And if they will not listen to you,
you better protect your integrity and reputation and get the heck out of that
organization – you can always find a better company.

2. Make a reasonable price: After you have assured the quality of your products, the
next step is to set the most reasonable price. The perfect price for a product
doesn’t matter how high or low it is. It should follow your target market or
consumers. Can you sell a N10,000 naira worth pair of high – quality shoes to
people in the lower class? On the other hand, can you convince a corporate
executive to buy a N1000 naira cost manufactured pair of shoes from you? If you
want to be a good marketer, you need to set the right prices to the right

 3. Choose the right store: A store as it sounds doesn’t only mean the physical store
where you put and display your merchandise for sale to customers. It can be an online
store, mobile store or a human store. It is the gateway or the medium where you
can transfer or exchange your products or services for consideration. An online
or an internet based store is today’s breakthrough in marketing. It is less
expensive and even more efficient than offline store. Mobile phones can also
become a medium of exchange. But of course direct selling is still effective as
of today. To be an exceptional marketer, you need to choose the right place
where consumers can access your products and services. You need to find the
best geographical area, the best website, and the best persons who will knock
upon your customers’ doors to showcase your products.

4. Make a convincing promotion: There can never be more convincing words than words that are
true. This means a marketer should be honest and shall not commit lies to
people. Who says all marketers are liars? Great marketers don’t lie. His words
are convincing because they are true. A foolish marketer lies and exaggerates
to make a sale. But his false marketing will punish him in the future. If you
have a great product and a perfect price, then tell all the truth about it.
That’s a great marketing that multiplies and lasts for long. Again, if you or
your company cannot produce quality products and cannot set the right price,
then you must get out of it. Defend your reputation and integrity. Keep
yourself away from committing lies.

5. Be helpful: By helping clients and customers solve their problems, a
marketer can become personally closer to them. His customers will start
building lasting trust and confidence to him and to his products. Thus, if you
help your customers, your customers will also help you.

6. Consider importance and usability: Even if you’re selling the most sophisticated and most
powerful stethoscope in the world, you can’t sell it to an accountant. A
medical doctor needs and uses it but not an accountant. Simply find the right
buyers by considering your product’s usability and importance to them. If you
run a website where you place your products for sale, perform a search engine
optimization (SEO) technique for attracting relevant visitors who likely need
your product. If you are marketing an MBA program course, you may promote it on
an online forum of business and entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

7. Give guarantee: Even if a marketer tells the truth and showcase a number of
positive testimonials, prospective buyers will not absolutely bite his
products. So to hit the complete marketing strategy, a great marketer should
guarantee those products.  Money back
guarantee and product warranties are examples of guarantees you can give to
customers. If you are telling the truth, then guarantees will never let you

8. Be the no.1 user of your product or service: You can never know better what you do not use. You cannot
talk correctly what you do not know. You cannot sell what you cannot talk. So
to achieve excellence in marketing, use what you sell. Of course there are some
exceptions to this like the use of coffin (don’t be afraid, this is business),
but whether we can practically use or not our products – we must know them just
like how we know our best friends.

9. Value and reward people: If you want to become a good marketer, you should learn how
to say “Thank you”. As I said in the previous list, marketing doesn’t ends at
the time you have sold a product to a customer. It is a continuous cycle that
needs a good rotation. A great marketer continues and preserves the marketing
chain between him and a customer. You sell a product… the buyer buy and give
you money…you reward your buyer…then you sell again a product…then the buyer
buy and give again money. Rewarding your customers strengthens this cycle.

10. Create lasting relationship: If you have successfully followed the previous nine ways to
become a good marketer, then you have probably created now a good relationship
with your clients and customers. A great marketer preserves this relationship
by giving tender continuing customer and client care.