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Ways to be indispensable in your job

Category: Career Development


You want to make yourself indispensable
at job? You want to duck the tide of lay offs during the time of recession? We
are passing through hard times and instead of hiring, firing has become the
norm for companies. So How to protect your job at this time? How to make
yourself indispensable? Try to follow some simple steps.

Take Account of Your Strengths and
Making yourself indispensable at job
requires you to make some analysis of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses.
Taking stock of your strengths and weaknesses will help you narrowing down your
area of expertise. And you will know for sure where you can excel and others
can notice you too. Devise two plans for yourself, long term and short term.

Look for Broader Picture:
If you are working for a company, make some changes in your attitude too.
Instead of seeing things from a narrow perspective try to take into account the
overall picture of your company. That will help you in taking right decision
for the company. It will increase your understating and you can come out with
right kind of solutions to your problems.

Update Your Knowledge Base:
You are responsible for your career advancement. No one else come to do so
during recession time. Develop your knowledge base that might prove beneficial
for your company. Take part time courses to update your skills and knowledge

Develop Problem Solving Skills:
Every company requires this skill. Normally employees fret and fume over
problems or suggest ways how this problem can’t be solved. But instead going
for this self indulgence, try to gather materials regarding the area you are
working in. Read how other companies have faced similar problems and how they
solved it. This will enrich your problem solving skills and you might find
completely new solutions to the problems your company is facing.

Suggest Ways to Cut Down Expenses:
This is an endearing quality of employees. Every company wants to minimize
expenses and maximize profits. If you know of some ways to cut down expenses
don’t keep it to yourself. Suggest it during meetings and give it in written to
the concerned person.

Don’t Encroach on Others Rights:
While enriching your knowledge base and self improvement you should not send
out signals that you are out to do two peoples job. This will create negative
feeling for you among your peers and rumor mongers can unleash their full force
against you. Instead of sending feelers that you can do others jobs too, try
filling the gaps that nobody is looking at or even aware that these
shortcomings. If you deals with data, try to arrange it in such manner that
even non-technical person can be able to find out what he is looking for. If
you deal with recruitment, find out the efficient pool of candidates in less
expensive manner.

Good Salesmanship: This
need is required by everyone, be it an artist, self employed entrepreneurs or
the president of a country. Don’t expect that you keep on providing excellent
services and others will naturally take notice of you. You have to show the
results of your hard work to the concerned persons. If your policies resulted
in cost savings prepare a balance sheet and show it to the concerned person.

Be Good at What Your Boss is Weak At:
Think of your boss’s weaknesses. He/she might be good at something but not at
other things. Pay attention to his weaknesses and try to do that work yourself.
Your boss might not be good at writing proposals but he might be good at
pointing what is lacking in a proposal. To speed up the work, you can draw the
first copy of the proposal and your boss will finalize it by pointing out what
else should be incorporated in the existing copy. That will save time of the

Develop a Brand for the Company You
It doesn’t mean that you take over
your brand manager. It simply means be your company’s spokesperson whenever the
need arises. But your superiors too should know of your efforts.

Making yourself indispensable at the
job is not difficult at all. You have to keep your eyes and ears open. You have
the knack to sense opportunity and making the most of it.