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How to use the internet to search for jobs

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Before the advent of internet, job seekers did not find it very easy getting jobs of their choice, but thanks to the internet that has come to help address this issue.

The internet is indeed a great resource to find anything you want (including jobs), if only you know how to look for it correctly. Many big and small companies today use the internet as a source of recruitment. They advertise job vacancies through the World Wide Web (www) and require interested and qualified seekers to apply online or through email, with no paper resume accepted. Alternatively, these companies create a complete online recruitment/application section in their website for job seekers to fill and submit.

Online job search resources, including job search sites, job search engines, networking sites and resume posting. So using the internet to source for job opportunities, job seekers are employed to adhere to the following:-

1.    Use the Google search engine (this search engine updates it’s searching process to provide searchers with most relevant result). Log into Google by typing at the address bar, from the Google environment that opens, type jobs in the search box and enter. All types of result for the word ‘jobs’ appears, select the desire options. Alternatively, you can type the company’s site on the address bar, e.g
2.    Next, you need to know what   you are looking for (all you need to do is to enter at lest three phrases into the search box), search employer’s website for job, search the major job board and online newspaper.
3.    Digital version of your Resume (i.e posting your resume online for employers to find) is also necessary. This can be done by using some sites that advertise job opportunities and also allow you to post your resume so that companies can find you. Sites like, CareerBuilder.,, ,etc
4.    Communicate through e-mail with prospective employers, also creating a Google mail account that alerts you about new bookmarking specific pages.
5.    Build and advertise your Brand (i.e creating profiles on LinkedIn, face book and visual CV). A strong personal brand that portrays you in a professional light, will provide recruiters, employers and contacts with a strong positive impression of you as a candidate they should be interested in.
6.    Connect with your contacts (this is when you create profiles on networking site and use it to connect with everyone you know).

Using the internet to search for jobs has provided job seeker lots of advantages, some of which include:-
  •  Inexpensive ways to make your resume or job request available for easy viewing by employers. When a potential employer sees your online resume or job request, they can quickly ask for more information or arrange for interview by email.
  •   By this process of searching, job seekers can organize job search and save valuable job searching time.