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Getting a job you are not qualified for

Category: Applying For Jobs

Every graduate’s dream is to be gainfully employed in one of the richest organization, but for this to become a reality, he/she is expected to be qualified for any position he/she is aspiring for.

Notwithstanding, some persons have gotten jobs they are not qualified for. This may sound stupid but it’s real, there is no magic or favoritism attached to it.

For an unqualified person to be qualified for a position he/she never worth, he/she is advised to take the following steps:-
1.    Tailor your resume (this means thinking creatively about the experience you have had and relates it to the job you want).
2.    Contact yourself professionally.
3.    Get an interview and be fully prepared for the interview.
4.    Be confident (focus on why you honestly believe you would be good at this particular job).
5.    Be up-beat (display a positive attitude that will show the interviewer you can do the job).
6.    Be likable (express like to the people you want work with).
7.    Be informed (get to know about the company and their business, know what you are expected to do for the company).
8.    Make the interviewer a starting point (i.e. if the job is one you are not qualified to do, ask to leave your resume with the company or enquire  if there are similar opportunities at a lower level.
9.    Ask intelligent question (as you find out more about the job, you may discover job functions for which you are more qualified and you can direct your focus on them).
10.    Smile (especially, when there are two or more candidates competing for that same position). Ensure that you smile often throughout the interview and laugh where ever appropriate.
11.    Be open to training (if the employer is willing to train you for the job, demonstrate your eagerness about leaving new things and a willingness to put extra time and effort into training).