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Telemarketing tips

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Telemarketing is a process of generating leads or appointments over the telephone. It is not an entire sales strategy but a method of performing the sales process.

This method is widespread, efficient and effective, since there is a possibility of making contact with prospects and closing sales. It is also an effective method for selling new or additional products and services for existing customers.

Every telemarketer needs the “How to” telemarketing tips and advice to improve sales. Listed below are some tips for efficient, effective and successful telemarketing.

1.    Know what you want (it is important you know the purpose of the call you want to make, and more importantly, what you expect from the recipient as a result of the call).
2.    Sound natural:- Use few moment to make good initial impression on the phone, ensure you have a script during the conversation (i.e. a clear outline of what you plan to say, clever questions that you can ask to encourage a sale, etc), never sound like you have a script.  There’s nothing as bad as someone sounding so artificial (like you are reading from a book).
3.     Be confident: - Always sound professional and courteous. Believe in your product or service, also believe that the person you are to call needs your product or service and can benefit from it.
4.    Get to the point: - Ensure you are speaking to your target consumer, save time for yourself and your potential customer, be clear, concise and straight to the point.
5.    Use the first 10-20 seconds of the call to engage the customer with a friendly “Hello, how are you?” thereafter you can launch straight into a sales pitch.
6.    Listen to the customer:- If during the first couple of sentence the customer indicate that they are not interested in th product, accept this and thank them for their time (maybe they have misunderstood your products or services).
7.    Have a secondary objective (i.e. a plan B):- Strive to achieve a minimum achievement from each call, even though it is not always easy to get a firm commitment from the prospective customer. You can obtain the email addresses to which you can send further information.
8.    Ensure to talk with your customers to find out what their demographic standing is.
9.    Reveal what you are offering when you know more about their situation, you can then tailor your sales pitch, having the requirements and needs in mind.
10.    See indecision as a challenge because during telemarketing you will encounter many indecisive people, these people sees a potential benefit in your product but are afraid of risking their money. That is the major reason you have to be sincere at all times.
11.    Make plenty of calls (making extra calls in the same space of time can turn an unprofitable telemarketing strategy into a profitable one).
12.    Keep track of your success rate in getting through the decision maker (this will help you identify and correct any weakness in your strategy or approach).
13.    Record your progress on a daily basis; this will help you make improvement where necessary.
14.    Keep records of the contacts you make for future reference. Note dates for follow-up of those that have accepted your product or services