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Sexual harassment includes any unwanted behavior of a sexual nature. It occurs when someone (whether male or female) makes continued, unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favor and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature to another person (be it male or female), against his or her wish.

The term sexual harassment can also take the form of unwanted jokes, gesture, unwelcomed comments, touching and any bodily contacts such as scratching or patting someone’s back or grabbing around the waist.

Some job seekers are faced with these problems during job search and many have fallen a victim to this unwelcome behavior called sexual harassment. That notwithstanding, job seekers can still avoid being harassed sexually by taking heed to the following advice:-

      Before visiting any organization for job, investigate the reputation of that firm, to see if they have any previous bad records of sexual discrimination or harassment.

      If it will be possible, take someone with your during your search.

      Refuse talent recruitment advertisement of the sex industry.

      Your appearance matters. Dress appropriately for your particular employment, remember you are being addressed by the way and manner you dress. If you dress like a businesswoman or businessman, you’ll be addressed as such, in the same vein, if you dress like a sex object, others will address you as such. Dress moderately and decently.

      Avoid complimenting in a sexual way like “I love your sexy eyes, lips, waist, shirt etc.” instead your compliment should be gender neutral.

      Jokes, stories and images that have anything to do with sex should be avoided.

      Avoid any unwelcomed demand or request for sexual favors.(it may be your intending boss demanding sexual favors in exchange for the job you are applying for).

      Don’t seek for job in any firm where the place of work is offensive or intimidating due to daily expression of raw language, sexual remarks or pictures

      Any unwelcome remark with sexual connotations, should be avoided

      Avoid waiting in any firm or place where pornographic films are being displayed.

      Say NO:- your ability to project confidence and show that you can take care of yourself. If sexual advances persist, translate your verbal ‘NO’ to a written one. Not smiling is a best way to let the harasser know that his/her behavior is not welcomed