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So many individuals that are faced with the stress in schooling are actually praying for a way out (for instance he stress of getting up early to school, attending too many classes for the day, having pending assignments to submit, test and exams revision, seminars, projects, etc).

Some that have finished schooling and are now working fully, are also faced with some working stress (for instance waking up early to meet up with the staff bus and work time, attending to piles of jobs, attending to official and non-official work, etc). now combining school and work, that sounds so stressful (extremely stressful) and a tough balancing act.

Actually, combining or balancing school and work is not going to be so easy, because it will require much discipline in all areas of life and also patience. Nevertheless, if you are faced with this issue of working and schooling, it then becomes a wonderful opportunity for you to earn a living and a degree at the same time. Not only achieving that, you learn how to manage your time (i.e. your time management skills is developed, your career and other parts of your life are also developed, etc).

Listed below are some of the tips that will help you balance the issue of working and schooling and also keep your mind, health, family and work alive and well:-
  •  Pick a job that you can have enough time and ensure you enroll in any of the schools that is not far from your working area. This will calm the stress of travelling a long distance after work, for school (i.e. if it is not an e-learning system).
  •    Be well organized and compose yourself:- keep your schooling and working materials in an organized place, preferably in a portfolio or handbag. This will save you the stress of rushing and forgetting any relevant document.
  •  Create a to- do list/schedule and stick to it:- once you have your schedule sorted out, its important you stick to it, as this will help you manage your time effectively, both at work, school and home. It will also contribute greatly to reducing your stress levels.
  •     Drop those activities that eat up your time and manage the little time you have effectively. Avoid wasting much of your time with friends who gossip, gist, and watch movies, etc. take stock of those activities that aren¬ít really enhancing your career or personal life and minimize the time you spend on them.
  • Schedule a time for yourself:- let your life not be subject to work-school thing alone, take atleast one or two hours to do something for yourself, your relationships and your career, so that they will not suffer.
  • Communicate your schedule to your employers, friends, clients and family. Make sure the people around you know what you are involved in. know that not everyone you work with will understand the demands of being a student and similarly, not all your friends/classmates will understand the additional responsibilities of working while in school, so it is your very duty to help them understand your issue.