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Employment for graduates and other job seekers may sound very difficult, reasons maybe because of the economic situation, unqualified candidates, existence of favoritism, those due for retirement don’t want to do so for others to be employed.

Notwithstanding, in the midst of these circumstances, one can still be called for an interview and eventually be employed, there is no magic attached to it. Whether you are looking for job for the first time, switching careers or re entering the job market, have these at the back of your heart, a full knowledge about yourself (i.e understand yourself and also a full knowledge about the labor market.

Listed below are several steps you can employ, to get a good job. Adhering to these steps will eventually go a long way to help land you the job of your dream.
  • Get your resume ready and in order:- your job objectives in your resume is very vital, ensure that it match the job you’re applying for. Don’t put your CGPA on your resume, expect it is exceptionally excellent. Organize your experience in a chronological order.  For more on resume writing tips, read its corresponding article on JOB TIPs at our website
  • Maintain a very good network (both offline and online):- develop and maintain a network of active professional acquaintances, relatives and friends on services like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. call each one and enquire if they know of any current opportunities that they can contact you to, that you are fully ready. Ensure to keep a steady contact with them, as this will keep your issue fresh in their memory.
  • Check jobs boards often:- (know that you cannot find a job if you don’t actively look for them).
  • Don’t stop learning:- get it that what you  know, someone else know even more. The job market is competitive, so you shouldn’t relent in learning more. Knowledge as the adage goes is POWER. The higher you know a thing, the higher your worth becomes.
  •  It will be of advantage if you, if you have a know of the names of those who work in the company, as this will help you address them by their name and not ‘To Whom It May Concern’.
  • Be interested in the company you applied for research about them, their mission and vision, if possible, visit and have a close chat with some of the employees.
  •  Develop some of these skills employers are looking out for. Skills like:-
  •  IT Skills:- most employers will require the services of people who are IT and computer literate. Being IT inclined will really boost your chances of getting there (i.e your dream job).
  •  Logical thinking skill:- your ability to think, handle and organize information to produce solutions, will really help.
  • Communication skills:- employers tend to value and employ people who are able to express their thoughts efficiently through verbal and written communication. People who land a good job easily are usually those who are excellent in speaking and writing.
  • Interpersonal skills- this has to do with your ability of getting on with others in the work environment, since it comprises of people with different backgrounds.
  •  Organizational skills:- most employers want people who know how to arrange their work through methods that maintain orderliness in the workplace.
  •  Don’t try to impress your interviewer with your dressing attitude or style of communication. Be honest, direct and professional.
  • If invited for an interview, appear and sound confidently, ask intelligent questions and ensure you answer intelligently too.