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Getting a part-time job as a student may be very easy, depending on the kind of job you are applying for. This is because your employer is not hiring you permanently, the cost of hiring you is les compare to a graduate hat plans to work permanently, etc.
Some students engage themselves with some part-time jobs during holiday periods, their reasons maybe so that they can assist themselves in some financial matters like paying some little dues, buying some educational materials, paying their transport fare and maybe enroll for one educational course or the other.

Most of these jobs seem to be very easy to secure, since some employers may not require the student’s application or resume. Easily secured jobs like restaurants and fast food jobs, may require little or no concern on application.

Listed below are other common jobs student can take up as part-time jobs while still schooling or on holidays:-
1.    Library Assistant:- the major work in this job is organizing books in the proper order in the shelve, gathering scattered books form the reading table, properly identifying students or borrowers, before issuing any book out, etc
2.    Telemarketer:- this job is easy to get, provided you have all the necessary skills. It is more marketing a product or service and making all of sales activities.
3.    Restaurant jobs (like waiter/waitress, host/hostess):- getting a job in this area is not difficult, since the center is everywhere and its requirement is not very much.
4.    Tutor:- A student can take a tutoring service on his/her fellow students inside or outside the campus or on primary or secondary school students. This tutoring job is best carried out in the evening after school hours or during holidays.
5.    Daycare services:- as a student, you can work in the daycare centers or be employed privately, to take care of someone’s baby or babies.
6.    Tourism/Travel:- In this area, you can be employed as a clerk at a beach or resort center.
7.    Computer Lab Assistant:- this job is not for everybody, it is best for students who have a wide knowledge on the computer system (both in hardware and software).
8.    Part-time teachers:- you can be a part-time teacher as a student in any of the nursery/primary schools, even in secondary schools
9.    Delivery driver:- This job is available for those that can drive very well.
10.    Book keeper:- working in a bookshop gives you an advantage of reading several books, your knowledge expands, for ‘reading makes a man’.
11.    Accountant/cashier in a firm, hotel, supermarket, etc.
12.    Web developer, software developer, system engineer, etc:- All these are profiting jobs, you gain more knowledge and make more money.
13.    Construction worker
14.    Welder
15.    Laundry services, as a cleaner
16.    Office assistant
17.    Supermarket salesperson, loaders, security, etc.
18.    Office errand boy/girl.
19.    Typist
20.    Computer operator in a computer business center.
21.    Photographer.
22.    M.C in some occasion
23.    Catering jobs like cake designers, hall decorators, etc.
24.    Phone dealers and recharge card sellers
25.    Barber and hair stylist

Worst jobs are dependent on the environment (i.e if the environment is harsh), the risk involved in it (e.g like the late night drivers), the involvements in the job, etc. your ability to handle effectively any of the above mentioned jobs and others not mentioned, will determine whether it is worst or best for you.