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Category: Applying For Jobs


The poor economic situation in this generation, really calls for serious attention. Almost every sector of the country’s economy is affected (the public and private sector, oil and gas sector, financial, educational, health, etc). But this ugly situation has not really affected the country’s population; people are still giving birth, the number of undergraduate is rapidly increasing and the number of unemployed graduates is also increasing graciously. This bad situation really calls for serious and urgent attention, because generations yet unborn will eventually suffer, if the wrongs are not properly corrected now.

As a result of this bad situation, employment rate is very low and there is high level of unemployment in the world. This is as a result of some of the following reasons:-

1.    Government not employer as they should and they are not creating much employment opportunities for fresh graduates.
2.    The recent global economic situation has also made it very difficult for anybody or organization to employ interested applicants, as they all struggling to survive or remain in business.
3.    There is no enabling environment for private investors to excel (as the financial involvements are much) let alone employing to their optimum level.
4.    As a result of lack of power, security and governmental support, some private investors have decided to employ the much their strength can carry.

Due to this high level of unemployment and bad economic situation, those already in the workforce are afraid to quit their current jobs (even when it is not good enough) because the possibility of getting another is not certain and those due for retirement have refuse to do so.

Regardless of the bad economic situation, people are transferred, retied, died and even sacked from their current jobs. This actually presents a great avenue for job hunters to take advantage of, to seek for available opportunities; because those empty position needs to be filled.

Now getting a job (and even getting a good one) in a bad economy, may sound very foolish and impossible, it is like going to the desert to get water, but it is not, if you approach it strategically. Listed below are some strategic steps you need to take to get a good job even in a very bad economy:-

1.    Acquire the right knowledge (knowledge is power, it is most powerful than any weapon you can think of). Equip yourself with the right knowledge on things that can fetch you money. Be very good at some things  (at least one). Any man with knowledge can never be unemployed, as there are greater chances for him to be self employed or get employed by other people that needs his services
2.    Establish and maintain a good network:- let everyone around you know you are looking for work. This will help you learn more about open opportunities/position before they are publicized outside.
3.    Schedule meetings or informational interviews with people who are doing the type of work you want to do. Get to know more about the company and your future boss. These meetings will give you the opportunity to change your mind, if you feel you don’t like what you see. It will also give you the chance of getting to know more about the management team, so you go in for interview as a known candidate and not as one of the masses sent by the Human Resource (HR).
4.    Advertise yourself to the best level you can:- for instance, if you know you are a very good engineer, showcase yourself and skills properly. Put together your portfolio, focusing on how you and your skills will help the company succeed and grow. Ensure your resume is properly updated (for more on resume writing tips, read its corresponding article on ‘JOB TIPs’ at our website, let a renown person recommend you in your letter  of recommendation, envelop your certificates of accomplishment and the degrees you have obtained and give a summary of the projects you have worked on (this should come last in your listings).
5.    Have a positive mindset (be optimistic):- Think of positive ways you can help the company, come up with several thoughtful questions about the company and the interviewers (do this by going through some interview questions and answering them, keep practicing it).
6.    Create project in your current workplace (i.e for those that are employed whether full-time or part-time) that can speak for you in your absence. For the unemployed, think of any voluntary work in the type of work environment that matches your goals (this will help keep you updated on the current technologies and terminologies).
7.    If it will be possible, don’t just drop your resume or email it to the company you are applying for, find out who makes hiring decision, hand deliver your resume to him/her. This will give the person the good impression that you’re serious about getting the job.
8.    Try new strategies;- Stop doing the same thing over and over again. Cast a wider net and be more creative than ever. Try some new and different searches, as you look for job online.
9.    Moving to a new city or industry sector with jobs is also a very good idea. Think of relocating to job opportunities area and pay attention to industries with job opportunities.

In conclusion, know that there are two ways of been employed;  
1.    Being self employed.
2.    Being employed by other people who wants your service
If the situation warrant that others can’t employ you, then you will be left with the second option of employing yourself and this can only be done if you have the best knowledge. For trainings and best knowledge on the IT fields, visit Digital Dreams Ltd or visit our website on