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Category: stress management


The issue of unemployment is really a problem to any average citizen and it is normal to feel hurt, vulnerable or even angry during this period.

It is very normal for some people to be employed before or after schooling and for some not to be employed, even after a long search for any job. If one is faced with this problem of unemployment, he/she should check for some factors that must have contributed to it. For instance check out for your skills and qualifications (check out some jobs you have applied for whether you are really qualified for it practically) and make some improvement where necessary. Also check your attitudes towards interviews and the quality of your resume.

After conducting the checks and the conclusion remains that nothing is wrong, to ease yourself of the situation (i.e. the unemployment stress), and maintain an active spirit, it is advised to take the following tips:-

1.    ACTIVELY DEAL WITH YOUR FEELINGS: - you may feel hurt, angry, scared, panicked and rejected, this will make it harder for you to get back on the job market, so it’s important to actively face and deal with your feelings. Acknowledge your feelings and challenge your negative thoughts. To do this, practice the following:-
  •     Write about your feelings (express everything you feel about being unemployed)
  •    Accept the reality of the situation
  •    Still focus on your goals (don’t beat or put yourself down, let your confidence be intact, reject every negative thoughts that goes through your mind).
2.    REACH OUT TO OTHERS: - Don’t unestimate the importance of other people when you are faced with unemployment. You can do so by:-
  •     Letting people know you are not working and you are looking for work.
  •  Turning to people you trust for support.
  •  Join or start a job club.
  • Stay connected through networking

3.    INVOLVE YOUR FAMILY: - Unemployment affects the whole family, so ensure the communication line is open and active. Let everyone know what is going on (tell them about your job search plans, update them on promising development and let them know they can still support you while you are unemployed), listen ti their concerns and make time for family fun.

4.    TAEK CARE OF YOURSELF:- you can do this by practicing the following:-
•    Maintain a balance in your life (take time to rest and have fun)
•    Make time for regular exercise
•    Get plenty of sleep (don’t use your job search time for sleeping)
•    Practice relaxation techniques.

•    Keep a regular daily routine.
•    Create a job search plan for yourself.
•    List your positives (i.e. make a list of all the things you like about yourself, including skills, personality traits, accomplishments and successes).
•    Focus on the things you can control.
•    Rediscover what truly makes you happy.

6.    CHECK INTO NEW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES OR THE POSSIBILITY OF CONTINUING YOUR EDUCATION:-  At this period  of unemployment, it is the best opportunity to take stock of your life and have a rethink on your career goals.

7.    Pursue the hobbies you’ve always wanted but never seemed to have time for.

8.    Before going to bed, prepare a written plan for the next day. This will give you reasons to get up early and look for something to do.

9.    Get yourself involve in any vocational job in one of the government rehabilitation centers.