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How To Find a Federal Government Job

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There are varieties of jobs in the federal government, such as Law enforcement jobs, Health care jobs, educational jobs, agricultural jobs, oil/gas, environmental safety and health job, security agencies (e.g Police Army, Air force, etc). all these jobs are available for qualified and interested candidates.

Choosing to work in the federal government is a very good ideal but some crucial points has to be considered and put in place, some of these points include:-
1.    Get the right qualifications:-depending on the area you want to work and the position, you have to fully equip yourself (educationally, professionally, etc). ensure you are qualified for the position you are aspiring for.
2.    Ensure you have a basic knowledge of the job before applying.
3.    Working experience:- ensure you have a working experience on the area of your application. Some jobs will demand a specific number of year of working experience (either 1,2,3, etc),so as to train you a little.
4.    Communication:- you must be able to speak at least two languages including English, so that you can communicate effective amongst your coworkers.
5.    Maturity:- you must be mature not only in age but also in your reasoning.
6.    Check out for the condition of service, to know whether it is favorable or not.

Now after considering this points and you still think you can work in the federal government, the next thing is to check the available avenues to get this job. Listed below are several avenues to locate federal government jobs.
1)    Through advertisement:- in this case, you have to check for current job openings using any of these advertisement medium, like the newspaper, internet web site, employment services, directories and periodicals that publish job listings.
2)    Lobby:- this is another means people get federal jobs. This entails you having a political link in any of the political parties. But this method should not be encouraged, because if one has all it takes to get employed into the federal government and there is no political link, that individual may continuously suffer from unemployment.
3)    Catchment area:- Getting a job via this means will be dependant on whether you are a true son of the soil of that particular area the job opportunity is. For instance in some areas of the country where there are natural resources that helps sustain the country’s economy, indigenes from that area will be given consideration, before any other qualified candidate will be given the opportunity.
4)    Compensation:- One can be employed in the federal government by compensation. The government may decide to compensate an individual or a group of people, based on what has happened to them. For instance, if a military officer dies in active service (maybe in the war front), the federal government may decide to compensate the deceased family by employing any member of the family into the federal service (whether he/she is qualified or not).
5)    By recommendation:- One can be employed into the federal service by recommendation from a renown person or people. For instance, a renown person in the public service can recommend you to a federal examiner and you will be employed with any problem.

Now we are acquainted with the points to consider before going into federal government jobs and the several avenues you can locate these jobs. An interested and qualified candidate can go further to apply for any available position of his/her choice. While applying, it is very important to review the “who can apply” section of each job advertisement, to ensure you are eligible. You may be eligible to apply based on where you reside or where you are employed (i.e if you were working before)

Federal government jobs are special and require a special kind of resume. It must contain certain information that most private sector resume do not include. It should contain relevant information which the federal examiners would want to see. For example; your resume should bear information like:-
1)    Job Information (this includes the job announcement number, titles and grades)
2)    Personal Information (this include your full name, contact address, phone number, country of citizenship, zip code, Reinstatement eligibility(i.e if you have had previous work for the federal government).
3)    Educational qualification (this include your primary, secondary and tertiary educational qualifications with dates and grades obtained.)
4)    Work Experience:- In this section, you should include both paid and non-paid work. Voluntary work is fully credited in the federal job evaluation process. For each job, include:-
i)    Job title (include series and grades if federal job )
ii)    Duties and accomplishments
iii)    Employer’s name and contact address.
iv)    Supervisor’s name and contact address.
v)    Starting and ending date (day, month and year)
vi)    Salary.
vii)    Reasons for leaving (but if discharged, give a detailed explanation for that)

5)    Any other qualification(s) can come below; like your job-related training courses, skills, certificates and licenses, job-related
honors, awards and special accomplishments