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Your resume has just 15 seconds to work for you, make it happen.

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Your resume represents ‘you.’  A recruiter sees who you are through your resume. As a result, the resume is and should be the first marketing point. Events take place at light speed now. People spend lesser time doing things now; do not expect things to be different when it comes to your resume and recruiters.
Recruiters spend barely 15 seconds on your resume. Therefore, if you want to secure your dream job fast, you should know these basic resume secrets.

Give them what they want fast.
You have at most 20 seconds to convince a reader that your resume deserves a complete read. Did I just say 20 seconds? It may be less. Most recruiters never read past the first page of your resume. Frankly, Human Resource Managers are no longer patient (it is not as if they are bad, inconsiderate guys; the workload is getting huge nowadays)
So the first rule of resume writing is to get to the point fast. This means that you have to do a lot of careful planning about every word in your resume. Do not use a word because you learnt a new word or the word is in vogue. Let every word count.

Be Relevant
Ensure you read thoroughly the requirements for the job you are applying for and tailor your resume to fit. Include your experiences that fit their requirements and remove your experiences that will tag you as ‘inappropriate.’
You must understand who your ‘reader’ is, because different people are looking for different things in you resume. Also, never assume that people can or will ‘read between the lines’ and figure out your value. They do not have time and they don’t care about you (yet). This means never have a default resume .Tailor your resume for each job.

Use Bullet
Write your resume in a style that exudes action and energy .Bullets give a punchy, concise and easy to read feel. This lets readers get the gist of your main points quickly .We live in a “power point” world and bullets gives power to your sentences.

Highlight your strengths

Remember your resume has just 10 seconds, so focus on your strengths that are most relevant to your reader. They should go first in your resume.

Demonstrate Result
Use ‘##’, ‘%%%’ and ‘$$$’ to emphasize your accomplishments. Remember that one thousand dollars is less likely to be noticed than $1,000.00. Numbers and symbols seem embossed on the page, that is, they stand out.

Be concise
In one of my English classes, my lecturer mentioned that the best construction is the one done in the shortest possible form. Therefore, your resume should not contain one more word than needed to make your point .Repetition can bore your readers .Free your resume of trite words, phrases and sentences.

Don’t save the best for the last
If you save your best for the last, it won’t be read. Lead with your best foot. Names of clients, list of main jobs and great logos strategically placed in your resume will get an employers attention, especially if they are interested in the projects or want the clients too. For example, if you are a marketer in a bank, you can list your major accounts. It may entice other employers.

Knowledge is Power
Before writing your resume, research newspapers, job boards and internet ads for positions that are similar to the ones you will be seeking. Look for and include the latest buzzwords in your resume. For example, an IT specialist may use words like OOP(Object Oriented Programming), structured programming, etc. Scientists and senior executives should prepare an appendix of publications and papers.