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Do you have hire appeal?

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An opening, thousand of applicants what is the probability of being hired? This is one pertinent question job seekers ask. Do not look far for the answer, rather look inwards. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I have that makes me stand out?
  • Do I have the traits of the “successful candidate” and characteristics that depict success and excellence?
    This question can be summed up to: Do you have hire appeal?
  • Hire appeal comprises of human factors that enable people to work well with their co-workers and others within or outside the organization. These traits are listed below: 

Our initial reaction to people is usually based on appearance. A person whose physical characteristics, dressing and presence is pleasant, smart and attractive starts off on the right footing in most interpersonal meetings; this does not mean that a book is/and should be judged solely by its cover. Neatness and a pleasant countenance is always a plus.

Self Confidence
Self confidence is about believing in self .Do not be afraid to talk about your failures. Also, mention your accomplishments but please do not over brag about them. Project an image of being totally secure. Make use of an open body language that is making use of space available to you. Be expressive and make gestures with you hands when necessary.

Fluency of Expression
Your ability to communicate effectively is an essential ingredient in most jobs. Therefore, being grounded in the language and being armed with statistics, examples and applications cannot be underestimated.

Alert, sparkling applicants are usually very dynamic and exciting people who give 100 percent to their jobs. Listen attentively and react to questions and comments with lively facial expressions and gestures.

Maturity cannot be measured by the chronological age of a person. Young people can be very mature, while older people may still manifest child like emotions .Mature applicants are not hostile or defensive. They do not interpret question as ‘trap’. They do not show self pity or have excuses for all their past failures. They can discuss their weaknesses as readily as they strengths.

Sense of Humor
It is easier and much more fun to work with and supervise a person who has a sense of humor. During the interview, smile when necessary and lighten up the meeting when given the chance. On the other hand, applicants who are too frivolous, who tell inappropriate jokes, laugh wildly and uncontrollably or act inconsistently with the situation may be considered immature.

An interview can reveal a great deal about a person’s type of intelligence. If the job calls for rapid reaction to situations as they develop (e g. Sales, Marketing), a person who responds to questions rapidly has the kind of intelligence needed for the job .However, if the job calls for pondering over a question before coming up with an answer (e.g. research), a slow, well -thought- out response many be more indicative of the proper type of intelligence.

Be sensitive to feedback
The applicant, who understands what is being projected not only in questions and comments, but with body language, will probably do well on the jobs. This is an invaluable asset. It shows that you are trainable, can readily accept criticisms, implement instructions and work well with their peers.