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Eight Job Hunting Tips during recession

The global economic crisis could make this period the toughest for job seekers in recent history. The credit crisis has led to increased job losses and reduced vacancies .This has resulted to increased unemploym... more

I am over qualified for a job. What can I do?
You lost your job due to economic recession. Afterwards you have sent out 500 resumes, done 1 interview and received zero offers. You are now eyeing an opening below your previous position, but you are obviously overqual... more
How To Identify And Avoid Job Scams

In today's economy, many people are almost to the point of desperation to find a job and when a promising job offer seems to appear in their lap, it may be tempting to follow through. Today, it is also common to... more

Job Search Mistakes Of Young Graduates

How quickly the a graduate edges out the rest to land his or her dream job depends on various factors, but it is important to realize that beyond ... more

How To Use Social Network To Get A Job

Companies will often try to fill positions before paying for a listing in either the newspaper or on a job site.&... more

How volunteering can land you a job

When you volunteer your time, you open yourself to a plethora of job opportunities. If you are currently unemployed, you might ask, "If I can... more

Why Recruiters Don't Give Feedback
The résumé Black Hole as many people like to describe the mildly horrible experience of having their résumé thrashed for lacking the requisite skills or professional appeal to fill a role is every job-seekers nightma... more
Myths That Keep You From Landing A Job

With so few jobs currently available and so many people currently hoping to fill those jobs, standing out in an interview is of utmost importance.... more

How To Remain Positive While Jobless

Rejection, especially in this job market, is an unavoidable reality. You won’t win every time. It’s okay been disappointed, for a minute, but se... more

Should You Take A Survival Job
Survival Job: Typically a low-end, low-paying job that a displaced job-seeker takes on a temporary basis (often as a last resort) when unemployed to cover basic living costs, in order to survive and avoid bankruptcy -- o... more