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Tips For Career%20Development
Question to kick start your career
If you are just starting your career, you need to maximize your experiences and develop your skills. Bear it in mind that you are expected to manage your own career. This means you have to be in control of your career an... more
Identify and avoid these decision making traps.

People spend more time researching mobile phones and electronics they want purchase than the degree/course to take up. Many are faced with choice challenges (especially when taking decisions that have to do with... more

Life as a fresh graduate.

Mr. Obinna okeke, who is graduating in June with a degree in computer science from Nnamdi Azikine University Awka, is frustrated.”I have been searching related job sites, networking with people in the same fiel... more

How to become a great marketer

Marketing is a process of understanding consumers and devising ways of providing goods or services based on the demands of the consumers. Marketin... more

Tips For Getting A Promotion

Do you feel like you're stuck in your current job? Are you ready to move up? It's tough to climb the corporate ladder, but if you want a job t... more

Deadly Sins of New Employee

You deserve a good pat on the back for landing a new job! If you think that was the hard part, well better think again. Remember that you are ... more

What to do with a useless degree
When you earn a degree, you want more than just an education. It's reasonable to expect a return on your investment. Unfortunately, certain degrees don't always lead to the job opportunities and financial rewards you wan... more
Recession proof jobs

Hundreds of jobs are disappearing daily in many countries. In some industries people manage to keep their jobs during recessions and financial cri... more

Top Certifications To Enhance Your Career In IT
IT is constantly evolving as new technologies are implemented. Certifications are one way IT professionals can keep up with current trends in IT technology, build their IT resume and open new doors of opportunity.more
How To Become A Successful Project Manager
To be a successful project manager you must wear multiple hats and be able to switch the quickly. Successful project managers are people who are driven to succeed at all costs and never lose sight of the big picture. To ... more